This is the last 383 in the Vert.  Eldebrock DB4B, 750 Holley, headers, Crane cam
all else stock.  This engine propelled the Vert to mid 14 sec ¼ mile times.
What you can’t see is the passenger side Hooker header I “modified” to fit the car.
‘Modified’ is a nice term for 5 lb stedge hammer.  
I practically bent one tube closed but... they fit!!
In this photo, you can see my custom wrinkle black w/pentastar valve covers
In the background is the 73 Dodge Monaco that donated the front disk brakes
And the 440 engine.  Best upgrades I ever made.
The 440 used these same heads, cam, and carb on an Eldebrock TM7 intake and went
Mid 13’s in the quarter.  It’s true, there’s NO substitute for Cubic Inches!!