Another setback with the Belvedere.  I rolled the car out of the shop
To make sure it was ready to pass state inspection.  It was all set
When I had to travel for work.  While I was away, a storm blew
Through and a tree branch fell on the car putting a small dent in the
hood and a very large crack in the windshield.  (Sigh).  I got a
Replacement that is in better shape but it is waiting to be installed.
I am going to immediately get the car inspected after that and put a
Few miles on it while I prepare it for the big block transplant.  
I have a low mileage 1972 400 almost ready to go.  I am going to
Swap in a hotter cam and clean it up (dress it up) some.  It will be
Mostly stock to begin with, eventually getting a stroked RB engine.
Too much is not enough.  For the moment, I am going with what I
Already have.  Wieand intake, 600 Holley, mild cam and headers.  I
Might swap on my big valve ported heads if I feel like taking them
Off the Vert.  It should be a fun to drive combination.