Phase 3, sort of, at least on the outside.  I have tinted the
windows with marginal success.  I will have it professionally
done sometime as I just don’t have the patience to get it done
properly.  I have blacked out most of the trim and started work
on the interior panels.  I haven’t found my sport mirrors yet but
hope to find them and install them soon.  I still have to adjust
the front spoiler and black out the door handles and roof rack.
Mechanically, I still have the rear sway bar to install and the
Iso-clamp suspension stuff to eliminate.  I have made some
adjustments to the carb to help performance and make it more
drivable.  I still have a few hot rod tricks to apply but haven’t
found the time.  If my fuel economy remains in the mid 20’s,
I plan to replace the 2.9 rear gears with a 3.23 ratio.  It
should help the acceleration some.