OK, this is just after I removed the stainless trim around the door windows
And then painted the trim and window areas low gloss black.  
I should have used semi-gloss, it isn’t as shiny.  
I also blacked out the grille but that didn’t go as planned either.  
I wanted the chrome ‘squares’ in the grill to show but when I went to wipe the
Black paint off, the chrome came off as well.....oops!
I still plan to finish blacking out the chrome trim, but with a less glossy black.
I am going to black out the bumper but add chrome strips to highlight it.
I am still going to get the windows tinted, I tried doing it myself but that
Didn’t go so well.  (sigh).  
Car is much nicer to drive after fixing the choke (only partially opening) and
Fixing the rear brakes, they were dragging and sticking pretty badly.
I can now actually pass slow moving cars, whoo-hoo!!