This picture is a little rough but it is the only one I have.  It was taken at
Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte NC.  (1980) I attended my very first
Mopar car show.  I drove the car there and back from Virginia Beach, where
I lived at the time.  This was the 4 bbl 383 (stock intake-I found an aluminum
Eldebrock DB4B at the show).  Anyway, this is on one of the turns at the track.
We were allowed on the track to make 5 laps max at no faster than 55 mph.
That didn’t work out so well.  It is very had to drive slow on the track, If I
Went slower than 70 in the turns, I had to steer right to go left so I didn’t
‘Slide’ down the banked turns.  I made 11 laps and reached over 120 mph
(by my Speedometer) in the straightaways.  This is also when I first witnessed
The might of a Hemi.  I was going about 90 on a straight when a 69 Hemi
RoadRunner pulled up beside me and then floored it.  I may as well have been
Doing 55 the way that car ran away from me.  That show was the best car
Show I have ever been to, it was like a big tailgate party at the track and back
At the Hotel (which was filled with Mopars).  Good Times..Good Times.......