I guess this could be called a ‘barn find’ but without the barn.
A friend passed by this house on his way to work and told me about the car.
I really didn’t want a ‘post’ car but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
It’s one of the most basic cars Plymouth offered in 1965.  
Belvedere I, slant six, automatic, manual steering, really, not much else.
It originally didn’t even have carpet, just a rubber floor mat.
.As shown in the picture, it had 60,000 miles but hadn’t been driven in quite
some time. The owner was going to fix it up, started to sand the hood and roof,
Then had a stroke.  The car sat like that for at least ten years.  It had four
Flat tires and there were plants growing up through the engine compartment,
With a new battery, gas, and some carb priming, it actually started right up.
The right front wheel was locked up but a little ‘persuasion’ with a hammer
Soon fixed that.