Phase One:
Ralley Wheels made from COP rims, w/bigger tires (P245X60R15)
Removed side trim and added front spoiler and flares
Painted hood satin black (paint was bad anyway)
Unseen in photo, replaced shocks all around and overhauled the front
Steering, new tie-rods (inner & outer + sleeves), idler and pitman arms
And replaced the steering box with a FirmFeel cop unit.
Although it rides ‘better’, there is plenty of room for improvement.
Phase two:
Add solid front subframe bushings and remove the rear Iso-clamp setup
Poly spring bushings and add rear sway bar.  
Tint the back windows and black out the trim, door handles, wiper arms, etc
Engine will get basic hot rod treatment for now.  Light springs in distributor
Hotter coil, shaved head, free flow muffler, open air cleaner with scoop
Look for 3.23 sure grip