Ah, my old faithful truck, 1972 Dodge D 100.  I was reluctant to finally retire
it but it is a well deserved rest.  Put well over 300, 000 miles on it.  It wasn’t
pretty but everyone wanted to borrow it.  With the 440, it never failed to
deliver.  The miles took their toll though, towards the end, the brakes were
shot, the frame was cracking, dash and instrument panel were falling apart
(literally), windshield need to be replaced due to de-lamination (fogging), the
roof was starting to rust inside the cab.  I did try to salvage it, I pulled the
cracked engine out and replaced it with a 400 but there were so many other
things wrong it just wasn’t cost effective to keep trying.  I salvaged as many
parts as I could and donated the rest to a Dodge 4 X 4 in need.  
Though it has big shoes to fill, the replacement is definitely worthy.  
It’s a 1986 Dodge 4 X 4 D 100 that is in pretty good shape and has a small
block (318, might upgrade to a 360 sometime).  
So far, it hasn’t let me down and is there when anyone needs it.  Of course,
I would like bigger rims/tires, bigger engine, better seats …