The current engine and the one that has been the most fun so far.
Wieand tunnel ram topped off with a pair of 700 Holley carbs
These were custom tuned to run good on the street.  Mostly high flow
Needle/seat to keep the bowls full and accelerator pumps set up for
Good response.  This worked surprisingly well on the street and was very
Intimidating but so much fun.  On the track, I could not get traction to
Save my life.  I drove the car for 2 or 3 years like this before I finally
Got the nerve to cut the hole in the hood for scoop clearance.  
I eventually put on a Mr Gasket ‘Hilborn’ scoop with custom made
Quick release mounts.  The biggest problem I had with this setup was
The fuel pressure regulator I modified.  It never really worked as
Expected and frequently flooded the carbs until I put a light duty
Spring in the fuel pump to limit the fuel pressure as the regulator
Ceased to control things.  But it looked good, though.  Not many
People notice that I customized the fuel bowl on the front carb to
Move the fuel inlet to the rear bowl.  I just thought it looked better,
FYI 13 mpg with this keeping the revs near 3000 rpm (about 52 mph).