The first 440 and it’s dressed to kill.  This was during the time I was
Going to every car show I could.  Pictured is the ‘miracle’ 600 Holley carb
(with chrome bowls) on an Eldebrock TM7 manifold.  I had a lot of chrome
On it back then.  I still had the heater and manual choke in this shot.  
More than just looks, this was an awesome combination.  
The ‘miracle’ carb was one of those things where all the parts came together
Perfectly and everything ran just right.  I used a 750 base plate and
Metering plate/block, plus I jetted it up a little and custom tailored the
Accelerator pump circuit.  I eventually removed the choke assembly.
With this carb, it went 12.35 @ 108 in the 1/4 mile.  Awesome!!!!!!!